Tuesday, October 6, 2009

my favorite.

Halloween has long been a favorite holiday of mine.

Well, scratch that. Not a holiday, but more, a time of year. Fall. We all know I am a big fan of Fall.
But Halloween. I loved it.
My Mom was pretty good with the decorations. We didn't go all out, for the haunted house look, or anything. But we had some good ones.
My absolute favorite, though, was this skeleton. He was tall, had a good grin on is face, and jeweled eyes. There was just something about him. He even had a name. "Mr. Bones".
Every year I would clamber for Mr. Bones. He MADE Halloween for me. It just wasn't right until Mr. Bones was up.
Sadly, Mr. Bones was paper.
He lasted a lot of years. A lot of them. But, not everything is made to last forever. One year, Mr. Bones wasn't salvageable. And we had had him for so long that we couldn't find another.
I still really miss Mr. Bones.
I think of him every time I hang the skeletons that I use to decorate for Halloween, and wish he could have lasted forever.


Daryl said...

Oh I love him too .. cant you find a new Mr Bones? Halloween is my fav time too .. candy corn .. makes me miss Holly all the more ...

Travis Erwin said...

We are Halloween freaks at my house and my oldest son's b-day is the 31st as well.

Anonymous said...

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays too. It's such a fun time of year and marks the beginning of the holiday season (at least in my mind).

Jo Beaufoix said...

Ahhhh, Mr Bones sounds cool. Maybe one day you will find another. I got to your blog. It must be something to do with the link on mine. So relieved. x

Heather T said...

I LOVE autumn and halloween. I always have! You've inspired me to get off my butt and go down to the basement and get the decorations out already, dammit!

sybil law said...

Oh! We had one, too! I just remembered! Nice. :D

Bubblewench said...

We used to have one. I would dance with it before mom would hang it on the door... miss that guy!