Tuesday, June 23, 2009

strange things happen where you least expect them

Recently, on Facebook, there has been a large amount of my old friends surfacing. What pleases me about this, is that some of my really good friends have come up. Friends I actually want to see again.

Saturday morning afforded MM and I the opportunity to see one of my closest high school friends again. He was a year behind me in school, so we didn't meet until my sophomore year, but we became good friends, fast. He played the tri-toms in our band, so we can call him Tom, for short.
Tom was so much fun as a boy, always laughing and smiling, usually getting into some sort of trouble. Tom, the man, is the same, minus the trouble, though. He is married now, with 2 daughters who do very busy, active things (volley ball and BMX bike racing) so they keep him out of trouble.
His oldest daughter was in a volley ball tournament, in our area, so, we met them for breakfast. As we were sitting down at the breakfast table, his wife, a very nice woman (I'd met her before, years ago) looked at MM and said "I know you from somewhere, your face looks so familiar." MM tells her where he went to high school. Turns out they went to the same school, graduated with each other. MM even took one of her sister's out on a date. So it was a 'reunion' for them, as well.
"Its a small world, after all"....
(you hate me for getting that stuck in your head now, huh...)


Bubblewench said...

Getting what stuck in my head? heh.

That is crazy funny. And crazy cool!

Anonymous said...

I love all those wierd concidences.

Sounds like fun.

sybil law said...

That small world stuff always freaks me out!

Mimi said...

This story totally amazes me. What a small world afterall.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Awwww, strange but nice. Caught up again. Love the picture ideas hon. How about all of you in masks of your own faces, or each others??