Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Morning Mush

This weekend was my parents wedding anniversary. I've lost count of how many years, um.... 46 or 47 I think. We did our usual thing, bbq on their back deck, and watching the fireworks from there that are launched at a nearby lake.

100 degree weather sucks. But I am eternally grateful that the humidity here is lower than it is in the midwest.
Fish have very small brains, and I don't think they USE them. We've got the fish tank all figured out, but they regularly swim too close to the ONE thing in there that could possibly off them, a small vent. So far we've pulled 4 fish off it, I think. Now we have to figure out a way to keep them away from it, without blocking it off.
I go back to work tonight after 6 days off. I'm ready to not work nights anymore.
The floor in the bathroom by the toilet is "cupping". This means the evil floor guy is coming back.
I am also not looking forward to that.....


sybil law said...

Fish are fucking stupid for sure.
Sucks about the floor!

Bubblewench said...

dumb fish, just feed them to the cats already.

Sorry to hear about the floor.

Work. Ugh. Best of luck.

Daryl said...

OY and vey ... sorry to hear about both these annoyances but happy anniversary, whichever # it was, to your parental units!

Mimi said...

Floor cupping doesn't sound good at all. Urg.

Happy Anniversary to your parents!