Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday Morning Mush

Its been an interesting weekend.

MM and  MG and I went to see The Lion King, (broadway, not movie) in it's traveling show. I'd seen a performance of it in NYC and thought it was amazing, and since MG was in drama this school year, I thought it might be a cool thing for her to see. The show was indeed, fantastic. We had a great time, but got home at 12:15 am. Unfortunately, this was THURSDAY, and they had to go to work and school Friday. Needless to say we were dragging a little ass Saturday, but not slow enough that MM didn't go fetch his new to him Mustang. Yes. We have another family member. I don't call him Mustang Man for nothing. There are now three ponies in the corral. Technically, one belongs to the nephew in AZ, but it is here with us, for now. MG woke up long enough to go have fun at a friend's birthday party, and MM and I had a leisurely meal out after his guitar lesson, where I got to preview the song he wrote with his music teacher. (It's a ballad, called "Body Bag", romantic, no?).
Sunday, we didn't really do a whole lot. We got the fish tank working, and if all goes well we will consider the purchase of fish possibly later today. I want to be sure that things are good, and we don't drop some fish in just to have them die. On an interesting, yet slightly squeamish note, we were in one of the local pet stores, looking at some fish. I found these 2 puffer fish, cool looking little dudes, they had the coloration of frogs, kind of. They had little flippy fins and were swimming happily around, and, well, I liked them. They were cute. I should have realized they were in their own tank for a reason..... But my mind kept going back to that funny little puffer fish in Finding Nemo, and how funny he looked when he puffed up and got pissy.
MM goes and asks the fish people if the puffer fish require a special diet, and, well. Yeah. They do. One of the employees came by, threw an innocent looking little orange fish into the tank, and WHAM! right in front of my eyes, those sweet looking puffer fish turned into Hannibal Lector. Those fish completely attacked the "feeder fish" like a pride of lions on a gazelle. They went right for the spine, then proceeded to shred the thing. I walked away, MM watched a second longer. NO, we will not be getting any puffer fish for the tank. Though MM had the idea of getting a shark, and those, and seeing which one was the Ultimate Warrior. I think NOT. 
After that we went and saw the new Pixar film, UP.
If you get a chance, go see it. I got oddly choked up at the beginning of the movie, and shed a few tears. I'm not even PMS'ing. Yet I cried at a cartoon. Damn it, I'm getting soft in my old age. I blame those damn puffer fish for disembowling the gold fish in front of me.....


sybil law said...

I hear another person say they cried at the beginning of UP, so it's not just you! (And apparently other ladies were also crying!) I am waiting til Gilda's out of school to go see it. It's her out of school treat!
Fish tanks - meh. We've always had them and I hate them. Nice to look at, but a big pain in the ass to clean. I don't clean them, but I have to be the "reminder" [nag] to get it done.

Daryl said...

EWWWW .. go find Nemo .. he was a nice fish .. as are clown fish .. now I want to see UP but I know I wont til its on NetFlix .. oh well ..