Monday, March 2, 2009


Yesterday, after I finally caught up on my sleep and my sanity from a very arduous work week (all I can really say is TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES, PLEASE) I found myself in conversation with MM's big brother. He was teasing me about the fact that while we were currently (and even presently) being deluged by a lot of rain, he was outside, enjoying the warm sun, to the tune of 85 degrees. We bantered back and forth about things, me claiming that I actually like the rain, and the fact that it means that everything is going to be green and pretty around here for a long time coming, while they (in Arizona) are going to be living in arrid brown-ness for months and months to come. Discussing us having bbq's under our nice, green, happy trees. I do like the rain. I even like the snow. For every day that it rains is another day I feel like we are going to be enjoying our spring, and summer plants and flowers and the earth around us is getting the nurturing it needs. I can't imagine living in a desert area.
But on the other hand, big brother is perfectly happy living where he lives, in Arizona, the sun, the swimming pools, and all that goes with it.
It leads me to the thought that I have probably covered here before, but I think is worth covering again, is that we land where we are supposed to be. At least I hope we do.
My own surroundings are very important to me. If I don't like where I am living, both inside, and outside, it impacts my mental state of health. I have, only once, really hated where I was living, but since I was in the Navy, I had no choice. I was in a city, and I was not a city girl. But I knew that there was always a light at the end of the tunnel for that. Every place I've lived has not been my absolute perfect fit, but I've been happy at those places.
Where I live now, though, makes me really happy. I love the climate, and the trees and pretty much everything about this area. When I moved here I felt like I was finally "home". Does that mean I could not be happy anywhere but here? No, I doubt that. I've been a lot of cool places in the US, especially in the Pacific Northwest where I could be perfectly happy. AND, of course, when it all comes down to it, it's not just where you live, it's who you live with. I could live in Paradise, but it wouldn't be, for me, without AT LEAST MM and MG there.
So, I will take all my rain, and big brother will take all his sun, and we will all be happy....


Mary said...

I love where I live, too. But this has been an especially cold and nasty winter, so I am beyond ready for spring.

CDB said...

Well said! It's wonderful to LOVE where you live, especially if you are in that locale not by choice but for work, career, etc. I think friends and loved ones truly make it home, as well.

sybil law said...

I couldn't live in the desert, either.
But today, 85 degrees sounds so, so good! (It's in the 20's here today!)

Anonymous said...

I agree that we land where we're supposed to.

I never, ever thought I'd live in the DC area, but the longer I'm here the more I like it.

bernthis said...

NYC is my town. Going there tomorrow and hope everyday I can leave L.A. and get back there. I agree, where you live has a very big effect on one's life.