Tuesday, March 31, 2009

house beautiful

I know that I have said here, many times, how much I love the house we live in. I should love it. We just bought it last year!

The one thing that I really don't kind of love about it was the carpet. It is the typical, old, "apartment brown". Kind of beat up, and ratty. The people who have lived here before us had pets, and, well, all of our pets have found the places their pets have marked, and, well. You do the math.
     Thanks to our lovely tax returns, and the benefit of purchasing a home this last year, we have the wherewithal to change said carpet.
     Now, one of the best things about MM and I as a couple is that when it comes to things for the house, we've had very similar tastes. No arguments over wall color, where to put things, or what kind of decor was preferred. I have some friends who, though they love each other madly, will argue for 3 months over a LAMP. That would so suck.
     So, we have been floor shopping. At first, we visited a local shop that has been in business for over 30 years. I liked them. Still do. The man came out, and looked around, told us what could be done (by his place). There were a few detailed items we asked for that he told us wasn't possible because of the flooring choices we made. (Oak, distressed, I forget the plank size).
     Then we got the number of a contractor, B. HE came to the house, and instead of telling us what COULDN'T be done, he told us what COULD. Including the details we wanted in our home. You could tell the man had pride in his work. He kept inviting us to look at his home, and his floors. He was awesome. And the oak we'd get for the floor would be higher quality, and the sealant MUCH better. It will also take longer. 7 days, with 2 days that we can't be in the house, at all. 
     Contractors, though, are hard to get ahold of. We've played phone tag with him a few times, and frankly, that makes me nervous. If someone is tearing out my floors, I want them to be pretty availiable! 
     But we did choose him, his quote came in about the same as the local place, but with much higher quality, and the details that we want. He's ordered the wood, that is going to be delivered soon, to sit and "acclimate" to our house, and it's temperature. Who knew. 
So, goodbye, crappy carpet. Hello, wood floors. I can't wait.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new wood floors!

I'm jealous.

sybil law said...

Get some before and after pics!
I am so excited for you!

Daryl said...

Oh I am so excited .. dont have to tell you how claws mark up wood floors ... and how you'll want your camera at the ready to catch Kramer-type entrances/exits to rooms by the dogs .. cats catch on faster ...

camikaos said...

oddly, the acclimation is really important. We thought the flooring company was smoking crack when we found that out before we redid our floor in banks, but since we were doing the install ourselves it was better safe than sorry. I've seen some horrible examples of floors that weren't acclimated before being installed.


Bubblewench said...

How exciting!!! Can't wait for pictures!!

Mimi said...

Whohoooooooooooooo! Awesome.