Monday, March 30, 2009

ahhhh, thats more like it

Spring has finally, reluctantly sprung. 
However, where we live, there is always, without fail, (at least for the last 8 years) an April snow. Its never much, but it is there.

  one of the things that I am discovering makes me happiest about the good weather, though, is the fact that we were able to put our fantastic, uber hammock up. I love hanging out in the hammock. This first picture, is the side view
and here, we have the view of the house, kind of. 
and, my happy feet. You will have to excuse me now, as I go take advantage of some therapeutic hammock time.
Happy Spring, everyone!


Mary said...

I love how the hammock is not all just knotted rope! I want one! great view.

Anonymous said...

I miss the really tall tress of CA.

The east coast just can't compare when it comes to the trees.

Yay for spring.

sybil law said...


Daryl said...

Oh .. now that looks like a much nicer way to spend a day ... is there a pool boy to bring drinks to the hammock?