Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thursday 13

I have a sculpture garden in my back yard.
Hiding, waaay back. In the corner by the fence.
And I did not truly find it until yesterday, chasing down the three madly barking dogs in the what seems to be never ending saga of dog vs neighbor.
But I digress.

Trees. Madrone trees. Beautiful Madrone trees. I love them. And they were hiding from me in the corner. To me, they are a sculpture of nature. So here, are 13 of the nearly 100 pictures I took of some of the Madrone I just discovered in my back corner sculpture garden....

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Nicholas said...

Great photos. It's as though each one tells a story.

Darla said...

Those are very interesting trees.

Daryl said...

Such oddly interesting trees .. they are like roller coasters for bugs ... and the bark curling up like that .. so fascinating.

In our neighboring backyard there is a tree that I call the Roller Coaster tree because its branches loop and curve .. I wonder if its a Madrone...ummm


Bubblewench said...

very neat. I love those trees, so many faires live in those!

sybil law said...


Eaton Bennett aka Berenice Albrecht said...

That is an awesome find at the back of your having your own
collection of living sculptures. :)