Monday, November 24, 2008

the never ending story?

I've really not ever written a story before where the characters don't, eventually, tell me what they want the end to be.
Until this last story.
Seriously. I don't know what it is about this last story, but I had a very difficult time with the ending, and what it is supposed to be.
I'm still not sure if the end is right. I am considering writing an alternate ending for it, just to see if that was what was *supposed* to happen.
Makes me crazy.
See, thats something I like about writing. I *know* my characters. I can always follow them, and hear what they want or need to happen. But every now and then, some stubborn ones come about. But Emer, by far, is the most stubborn, indecisive..... So, those of you few people who have been keeping up with Emer's tale, tell me what you think. Would you end it differently?

Besides that, we are still having dog drama in the house. A few of you know that we are now actively trying to find a home for one of the dogs. Having three of them is just way too much, especially now that winter is setting in, and they are inside more. We've chosen to send Cheese out. Because he is the most frustrated and bored here. 2 different families have contacted me, and I have a preference of one over the other. But either family would probably be fine. So, probably within the next few weeks Cheese will move on to his new adventure. I'll be sad and relieved at the same time to see him go. I am telling myself that we were merely place holders until Cheese's "forever family" is located. Its not that we don't like him, it's just that enough is enough, for both him, and us...


Lori said...

Aww, I'm sorry. But, it sounds like he'll be a happy camper.

Daryl said...

love the rosy hue ...

and what you are doing is by far for cheese's best interest and your sanity!


NanaKaos said...

Maybe Cheese will be happier as the only, or just being separate from his sibs. You guys will enjoy two a lot more, you guys got a set of triplets and never got to enjoy a "Onesie". Having to give a dog to a new family is hard, we had to do it once, the dog was way to rowdy around DW when he was a little bit.