Monday, May 26, 2008

Tiki fun

So there they were, Mielikki and Cami. It was the morning of the annual Kaos Tiki party, and they were taking a break, and enjoying a few minutes in the sun..

Mr. Kaos (aka Dr.Normal) and Mustang Man were also out, enjoying the sun, and getting to know each other, talking about whatever it is men find to talk about (it should be noted here that these polly pockets in no way resemble either Mr. Kaos, or MM. The male polly pockets ALL look like this, though. I had no choice.)

little K Kaos and Mustang girl were also out having fun. Mustang Girl had baked some cookies and brought them all the way from California for the occasion, and K was doing her best to brush MG's hair for her...

Sybil, and Bubblewench had flown out from the East Coast to Tiki, as well, and Celtic Rose had tagged along with Mielikki, seeing as she's not ever had a tiki drink.... Miss Burrows, hearing of all the fun, joined them as well.

until, that is, she went off to steal the winning carrot card from her husband, who was off shuffling all the bunny cards...

but there was a surprise in store for CamiKaos. To get it, however, she had to be blindfolded...

hidden around the corner, were Holly and Jo, all the way from the UK! (Jo had just finished scolding Holly for not wearing shoes. But Holly maintains that anyone wearing board shorts does not need to wear shoes.)

Cami was so surprised to see her friends, she ran right over to give them a hug!

then, everyone was hugging everyone, and well, Chaos (or is it Kaos?) ensued...

when it all settled down, all the friends raised a glass of tiki goodness to each other

(note Sybil had 2 of them.... so that each person would have a glass to clink against, right, Sybil?)

and then, a group picture was taken, for posterity....

(whew! time consuming! This was my first and last attempt at Polly Pocket Posting..... and Mustang Girl was a big help! Gotta give proper kudo's to Holly and QOH who have done many many more of these... and Holly even labels her pictures!)

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!


holly said...


YES! i finally get to
a) go to a tiki party!
b) travel as a pocket to my friends!

it must be said that jo's scolding is loving. she only means the best.

and i feel something pinching my butt. missburrows! are you pinching my butt?!?!

those were the best dang cookies EVER!

totally loved this. QOH loved it too. clap clap clap clap clap.

i'm still giggling at the hug-fest.

listen, when they commit us, let's try to get adjoining rooms, yeah?

Daryl said...

Brilliant .. and give MG major props for her help ... while I copied you Toon idea, I aint gonna near this one ... way too complicated for someone as anal as I am ..


sybil law said...

That is it exactly!!! I had 2 drinks so everyone could clink! My thoughtfulness is astounding, I know.
Some damn fine PP action going on, there, Mie.
Now if only it could be a reality!!
Cute, cute PP stuff. Well done!!!!
(I will now clap like Holly)
clap clap clap clap clap clap clap!
Oh and YAY Mustang Girl!!!

sybil law said...

Also, it looks like Cami is trying to cop a feel off Holly!!!
Those crazy Kaos people!
Oh and I forgot the part about the men... but hey - a picture tells a thousand words, right? Haha

sybil law said...

Shit- I swear I'm not trying to hog all the comments, but I keep forgetting - Happy Memorial Day!

CamiKaos said...

hooray for my happy tiki crashers.

Bubblewench said...

love the tiki party!!! Tons of fun, thanks for having me..

Lori said...

Looks like a good time had by all!

Lia Hollander said...

This actually makes me sad. I so wish, wish, wish, that someday this will actually happen. (And not just so that I can pinch Holly's butt in person.)

Here's to hoping we can make it happen in real life!

Jo Beaufoix said...

I am sooooo late, but I only just got back from the states. Loved the party bebe. Sybil is soooo thoughtful, the boys looked just erm, dandy, and the group hug was fabulous. One day we will do it for real. One day. :D