Saturday, September 8, 2012

Our first dance :)

TV was on the other day, and I was getting ready to pack MB up to leave the house. I had to go to work, and we were meeting MM for the kid swap....
Whatever was on started playing "Mony Mony", the Billy Idol version.
And my boy started to dance.
So, I had to stop and dance with him. I mean come on. No matter what is happening in the day, when the boy starts to dance, to a song that seems to make his butt move, what choice did I really have?
It's the first time I've seen him stimulated by music to actually stop and dance. (He does a little with an obnoxious toy, but only because the babysitter's kid was doing it). This is HIS first choice.
Billy Idol, I never thought I'd say this
but thanks...


Daryl said...

what fun ..

Mimi said...

Admittedly, I've always liked Billy Idol, but this is awesome.
In truth, I think I remember dancing with you to this song "back in the day" :)