Sunday, January 1, 2012

Lets Review, shall we?

As I sit back and look at 2011, my mind is just kind of boggled.

Seriously. I kind of feel like I really hit the bucket list jackpot, somehow. Except, some of the things that happened weren't necessarily on my bucket list?
This year I have maintained a pregnancy, and NATURALLY given birth to a healthy baby, (the intrathecal that never happened WOULD have been on my bucket list...)
In doing that, I've survived 2 separate hospitalizations, one for my back, one for the baby :)
I finally, with the help of 2 good MD's, figured out WHAT was going on with me, causing pain and misery. Sure, being diagnosed with RA wasn't really what I wanted to happen, but, I know how to treat and deal with it, and am doing so much better than I was!
My family is thriving, the baby is growing more every day, and MG is doing well.
AND last but not least
for a beautiful Christmas morning surprise, MM asked me to be his wife.
(and I OF COURSE said Yes :)
So my year has been stellar, really, and I know that 2012 is going to follow suit....
Happy New Year Everyone.....


sybil law said...

You definitely had a great 2011! Here's to more in 2012!

Daryl said...

What a wonderful Christmas surprise ... mazel tov .. Happy New Year! Xoxoxo