Monday, January 23, 2012


I've been spending a lot of time, lately, both with Mustang Boy, and thinking about MB. And other children, too. I'm noticing, that for the most part, they are pure joy.

This is what I mean.
Unless he's super hungry, or doesn't feel good, my kid wakes up, see's me, and gets that big, goofy baby grin on his face. He smiles and laughs through most of his day. He smiles for just about everyone that crosses his path, and especially if they'll make a funny face at him.
When he's in his "command module", he explores, plays, watches a little television if it's on, and has a good time, until he's tired, or hungry, and ready to be liberated.
Sure, he has his cranky days. We recently survived his first winter cold. (Me having the same cold at the same time made that quite a challenge).
But, for the most part, he is so happy.

What's wrong with us?
Are WE that happy? And if we aren't, WHY?
I know. I know. We grow up. The weight of the world comes down on us. The economy. Supporting ourselves and our families. Bills. Jobs.
Blah blah. The list goes on, as we adults are well aware of.
But I contend that we CAN be, and should be happy, like the babies are happy. And spread that joy.
So, I'm going to be doing that, or, rather doing the best I can to do that. To start each day with a smile on my face, and happiness in my heart.
Just like my son :)


sybil law said...

As adults, we often take on things that we THINK will make us happy (bigger house, nicer car, certain clothing - the list is endless), and then spend most of our time having to pay for those things by working and not enjoying them properly.
Babies know that being happy has nothing to do with stuff. It has everything to do with love trust and respect.
Also, a clean diaper.

Daryl said...

I think you are on to something here .. start off upbeat and maybe charm away the negativity .. I'm in!

Finding Pam said...

I like your idea about being happy. I'm happy most of the time. I think I was born this way, but it irritates people that aren't happy. LOL

Always remember his joy and happiness because it will get you through the hard times. Sounds like you got it covered.