Friday, December 2, 2011

playing catch up

Thanksgiving did not disappoint! Well, except not having MG there with us... but I guess we have to share :(

We went to visit my parents, and middle sister, her husband and their kids were there. She is the one with 3 boys of her own, and right now they have a foster son who is 2 weeks older than Mustang Boy. We are for sure making up for the years when mostly girls were born to the family :) (at one point, there were 6 girl cousins, and one, lone, boy....)
To say it got noisy at times is an understatement. Along with the noise came all the stimulation, and voices, and arms that wanted to hold MB. He did really good for a long time, but, after MiMi got picture happy, he had an epic crying meltdown, and it took both MM and I to rock him to a much needed nap. He just isn't used to all the people, stimulation, and attention... He woke up smiling again, and we now have a plan to try and make the Christmas visit less stimulating for him. I am aware of the fact that he's going to need to adjust and adapt to the situations, but right now? He doesn't understand that, and his fresh little brain is only going to take in so much stimulation, even if that stimulation comes with love.
My RA is still acting up somewhat on me. I am moving a lot better, and functioning with a lot less pain, but I still feel it in many joints. The medication I'm taking for it is a little scary for me, too. Im taking a low dose of a chemotherapy drug, weekly, and that is frightening. But, I feel okay, so I have to believe that its working. I feel a whole hell of a lot better, actually. So I go with it, and try not to think too much about it. It will be with me for the rest of my life, so, accepting it has to happen, and I have to move on.....
alright. I'm off to clean a long overdue fish tank. (So overdue, I have someone who is really going to clean it for me while I "help".)


sybil law said...

Ugh - that's why I can't stand having fish - the cleaning of the tank. Luckily, that's all Mr. Law's job. (We foster fish for the winter when our friends' parents go out of town.)
And yep - MB does have to adjust, but the naps are easily just as important!! Gilda was easy to spot when she got tired - and I knew if I didn't act as SOON as I saw those signs, that everyone would be paying for it later!
However, her first Christmas, she was roughly 2 weeks old - and slept pretty much the ENTIRE day - at two different houses!

Daryl said...

Glad to hear the holiday was lively and filled with love .. and those meds, oy, I know someone else on them and it is a bit scary .. our internets were out and I am oh so glad to be in the office where its working even if I am playing catch up .. sssh