Saturday, November 19, 2011

I can almost taste the leftovers now!

I am really looking forward to this Thanksgiving, for some reason. Not that I didn't look forward to them before, because I've always enjoyed Thanksgiving, but I think, after having such a roller coaster holiday season last year, my attitude is kind of better towards this year. Last year was all that damn snow, plus, without realizing it, I was barely pregnant. My body sure knew it, I was so weepy! Plus all that snow!
So far, we've had just a small amount of the white stuff. I'm good with that. When MB is older, some snow might be fun, for him. I'll stand at the window with my hot chocolate and watch him play in it :)
Anyhow. Thanksgiving!
Coming soon!
We are going to my parents house this year, along with a large amount of the family. I am bringing dessert items. I think that I am also going to make us a small Turkey here, for our own after T day celebration. MG is with her Mom this week, so she won't get a home cooked meal. (Her Mom likes Boston Market Thanksgiving Dinners.... to each their own..... I have no comment on that....).
Plus, by doing our own Turkey here, I'll have plenty of sandwich fodder, ha ha haaaaa......
The RA thing is improving-ish.. the meds seem to be helping me some, though I just got bold enough to try and squat down to grab something from a cabinet and OH LORDY. Knee popping tearful pain! Obviously, my knees aren't ready for that kind of action yet... but I stood back up, cursed a bit, and walked it off. Thats MUCH better than it was...
Happy Thanksgiving from our crazy house to all of yours :)


sybil law said...

Man, I still don't know for sure what we're doing as far as Thanksgiving goes, which SUCKS because it's my favorite holiday. Wah.

Daryl said...

We never do anything traditional .. and this year isnt going to be any different .. Happy Thanksgiving .. xo

Mimi said...

Happy Thanksgiving. What a difference a year makes, eh ?