Sunday, October 16, 2011

the raving post of an insomniac

I can't sleep!!! AAAAAARGH! I think that MB has got me so trained to getting broken up sleep that even now, while he is blissfully sleeping the night away, I am awake with an active mind!

Of course, there are other things going on that are helping to activate my mind, but still. Its 0253 AM. I would love to be sacked out about now
But since I'm not...
Halloween is almost here! I have blogged many times how much I like Halloween. To me, its a pretty much no pressure holiday. There is some work to it, costumes, candy. But thats FUN work. Don't get me wrong, I like the other holidays, but sometimes, too much brain work has to go into them. Thanksgiving isn't bad, but Christmas, though I love it, is a brain buster. We made it easier on ourselves this year, and the adults drew names again, which I like very much. We'll spoil the kids, play steal a gift, and make merry.
But I'm not ready for that yet! I am ready to bring on Halloween! We decided not to put MB into a full on costume this year, I think he wouldn't like it much. He does have a cute Halloween onesie to wear, though. If I were going to dress him up, I think he looks a little like Caspar, the friendly Ghost, so I'd do that.
Sigh. 3 am. And here I sit. I'd bet money that the minute I get tired and fall asleep, MB will wake up hungry...


Daryl said...

Its not easy to break sleep patterns .. I've been getting up to pee at 4 a.m. for .. well as long as I can remember .. and it took me months to sleep without waking every hour after Toonman got home from hospital .. this to shall pass .. xoxox