Sunday, October 30, 2011


Or, almost....

my favorite part about this holiday is really, all the small kids in cute costumes. Always has been. The funny thing is, I almost went crazy with ideas of all the cute things we could put MB in this year, but then my rational brain kind of took over, and realized that he wouldn't really enjoy being dressed up from head to toe, he'd probably be fussy and pull the annoying bits off, or he'd spit up on the whole thing. So, instead, he has a cute onesie for the day with a ghost on it and it says BOO! on the butt. As the weather is now getting colder, though, he wears pants now too, so more than likely, no one will even see the BOO, but I know its there :). Next year, maybe, will be good for costumes for him.
He, and MG are my treats of this Halloween. My 'trick', unfortunately, is my joints.
We all know I had a rough pregnancy. That back strain alone still makes me weep. Well, after I had the boy I felt fantastic.
For about 2 weeks. Then, all my joints really started in on me. I figured that it would take time for all the relaxin to leave my system, but its been four months, now. Some things are better. Some are worse. My hands are horrible. So I went to my MD, and my chiropractor. They both think the same thing. I seem to be having a Rheumatoid Arthritis flare. Reading up on it, I find out its common when there are big hormonal changes. And, what have I been having over the last year really? Yep. Changes.
So, I'm having the lab work done, and I'll be going to see a specialist so that I can start to hopefully, function closer to normal again. Work has been interesting, to say the very least. It will get better.... it will get better.


sybil law said...

It will get better!
I hope.

Just remember... Mime is money.

Daryl said...

it will ... keep the faith and take several candy corns!!!!! xo