Saturday, October 2, 2010

my brain. It hurts.

I have the strangest thoughts in the middle of the night. My brain really must feel like I limit it during the day time, because it rambles so in my dreams.

So, last nights consideration?

When Sherpa's want to go on vacation, where do they go?

Yeah. I know.
I can only think that I thought of this because I've been watching these documentaries about climbing Mt. Everest, lately. I love watching those. If I were in (much much) better shape, and (much much) younger, I'd go to Everest.
Maybe I am a re-incarnated Everest climber who died up there.
It could be~ stop laughing.
So those Sherpa's.
How do you find a good vacation spot after you've been on top of the world? I can't see a Sherpa wanting to sip Mojito's on a beach, or, going on an Alaskan Cruise. I wonder what they'd think of Disney World? They'd want to scale the giant Epcot Golf Ball, I'm betting....


Daryl said...

I suspect they go to the beach ..

sybil law said...

My brain hurts, too - but that's because I drank too much last night.
Sherpas probably go somewhere warm. I would, anyway!