Monday, October 18, 2010


Our house has a well. As in, for water.
I like having a well, actually. We had it tested before escrow ended on the house, and we even paid a little extra to get the mega test, to make sure the water didn't have any bad contaminates in it. Obviously, all the tests turned out well. Very well, actually. The water is very clean, and free of anything, and the well is deep, with a good flow rate. And so, we were (and are) happy.
We live in an area in California where mining was a very heavy industry. Matter of fact, the area was initially settled by Welsh miners. Those mines are still in existence. Talk abounds of the mining at one particular mine starting up again. Of course, that mine is near to our home. (bastards). And with this talk, they tell us there is the possibility that our well could get contaminated.
Enter, the local water company, supposedly to the rescue.
They decided (with dollar signs dancing in their eyes), that they would branch out to our area. Dig up our street for MONTHS at a time to lay water pipe in, so that those of us with wells could get city water.
And the price for us to tap into their city water piping? The city water that tastes like chlorine, and has only knows what in it?
they want us to pay them something a little more than 10k to get their water.
we would have the monthly water bill, too....
is what we have decided.
Our well is fine, there is no concrete plan for the mine to re open. And even if it does, it does not automatically mean our well water will go bad. And frankly? I don't have 10k to just give our local water nazi's. They can go suck it.
Meanwhile, back at the farm.
This week, they are carving up the street in front of the house. As I type, bull dozers large enough to make my floor rattle are going down the road. They actually are wanting us to park our cars at our neighbor's houses, across the street, so that they can dig at free will, without the hassle of letting me out of MY OWN DRIVEWAY.
(once again, they can bite me). Our across the street neighbors are these little old people, with limited parking space as it is. I work nights. MM works days. They don't need our cars cluttering up their limited space for days at a time. Not to mention the fact, I don't want to be going back and forth across our semi busy street at the ass crack of dawn as I get home from work, or at dusk, when I am leaving for work. They are going to have to let me out. And in. And out. And in. Whenever I choose....


sybil law said...

How thoughtful of them to be complete pains in the ass and to charge you for it, too!

Daryl said...