Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hey Look!

I am actually writing something on a Thursday!

Sub-conciously, I guess, I've just been skipping Thursday here. Its usually a day/night that I've worked, and when I am tired, blogging isn't exactly the highest thing on my agenda. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense when I am tired, anyhow.
So why the Thursday post this week?
Well, I am on call, MM is out of town, and both of those things conspire against me when it comes to sleep. There is no one to snore in my ear, and I know the second I lay down to sleep, the phone is going to ring, and I will end up going into work. Therefore, it is midnight, as I type, I am awake, watching "Whose Line is It, Anyway", and I have no plans on trying to lay down for at least an hour. Maybe longer.
I just watched, out of morbid curiosity, a horrible, horrible reality television show. The kind I usually avoid like the plague, because they are nothing but garbage. This evenings trash was the "First Love Second Chance" thing.
I am one of those firm believers in that if a couple has broken up, there is usually an excellent reason they did so, and at least one of them is going to be bitter. Why RE punish yourself? But, you know. Reality TV, a big chance to be on TV! No surprise, they both ended up being bitter with each other. They played for awhile like they could reunite, then, got more angry with each other and threw some more stones. Not even MILDLY entertaining. So why did I watch it for an hour?
Background noise for the other chores I was doing. Whose Line is a vast improvement. If only it was the British version, though, I much prefer that one...
So, happy Thursday, everyone. Hope Spring is being kind to you. (Those of you that are getting a Spring, that is. We are supposed to have rain later tonight, and the possibility of SNOW later today. Please, no snow! My flowers are blooming!)


Bubblewench said...

Happy Thursday to you! Nice to be 'back' with you and keeping up. No. No more snow. Not allowed.

Daryl said...

Last week I watched online this stupid reality show called High Society ... never again

Mimi said...

This is reason #1,879 why we are friends, I totally agree on the if a couple has broken up...theory.

sybil law said...

I swear I didn't see this post yesterday!
Anyway, hi!