Friday, March 7, 2014


Oh, man, was I not prepared....
     The milestones of MB's young life have been flying by, and in a blink of my eye, he's a walking, talking, curious child. He has opinions that he very clearly expresses, and no longer relies of Mom and Dad for every little thing.
     Recently, MG flew our little nest for the frozen tundra known as Minnesota. After much wailing, and teeth gnashing, the room she left was cleaned out, painted, and carpeted. Then came the advent of the big boy bed..
Oh the joy. The excitement. The pirate madness of it all.
Except the one thing....
He doesn't want to sleep in the damn thing.
He wants to sleep with us.
He is up and down as much as he was when he was an infant. We dutifully get up, put him back, give kisses, and sit by him until he falls back asleep. IF he falls back to sleep.
This is, apparantly, a common problem with toddlers. I was really not aware of this. Had I known, I might have not been I. Such a hurry for a big boy bed.....
But it has to happen sometime, right?
Now if you will excuse me, I need more coffee....