Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I'm not ready

I have a post to write. Its not a bad post. It's not an "I'm throwing in the towel on blogging" post, nothing is wrong with the family.
For all intents and purposes, the topic of it is a good thing, really.
Its just. Well?
I'm not ready.
I don't know if I'll be ready.
I can tell you what it's about, it's not like it's a big secret.
MG is going to fly the coop this summer. Go off to the big bad world, spread her wings. Fly.
I told you I wasn't ready...
but the important question,
is SHE ready?
I guess we're gonna find out..
the best thing about home, is that it's always there if she needs it.
But I'm still not ready.


Daryl said...

loving is letting go .. she will fly strong and right because you, her dad (and even her mother) taught her well

sybil law said...

Ready or not - it's happening! She'll be okay. Keep the door open - or at least give her a key. :)