Sunday, April 22, 2012

He's a Person

Its so funny!
The last week or so has just been PACKED full of changes....
MB is about 10 months old now, and suddenly, he IS.
He is present
he is entertaining himself
he is entertaining US
he is mobile
he is eating MY food. (hogged all my mashed potatoes the other day)
he is making his needs and desires wanted
he is exploring the world, both in the house, and outside. We've been spending time in the back yard, in the hammock, on a blanket on the ground. We have sun block, and sun hats, and pirate shorts, and swim trunks that match the sun hat
We even have a PLAYDATE. With a GIRL.
Suddenly, he isn't the baby thats been always on one of us, touching us one way or the other, grasping, always needing contact.
gaining independence
almost ready to walk, (he stood on his own, for the first time, today)
I don't know if I'm ready for this!


sybil law said...

Ready or not, it's happening! Goes so quickly, huh?!

Daryl said...

I think you need to get your trainers on and be ready to sprint to keep up ..

Mimi said...

It is neat to see the growth, isn't it?