Friday, September 30, 2011

Hit and Miss

see I post twice in a week, then nothing for what, 9 days?

Ahh, you all know what I'm up to, I don't want to bore you with baby stuff. I could go on and on and on about the Boy. He's a whopping three months old now, but, as with all preemies, they adjust the age back to look for milestones.. He's doing great, gaining weight, eating, pooping, smiling, cooing and making all kinds of racket when he chooses to. He stays awake longer, sometimes too long, because he's already figured out that if he goes to sleep he might miss something good. Little stinker.
Work is at the bottom of the dogpile for me. Because I was off so long, I think my body forgot how to fight the germy's off, and as a result, I've been sick and at home this week from it. Its typical. My nursing immunity will kick in and bail me out here. I kind of expected something like this to happen. Its not horribly severe, just enough to annoy me, actually, save a few incidences that had me home alone, being sick in a bathroom and listening to the baby cry. That was kind of hard. It sucked actually...
I'm looking forward to the fall weather we are supposed to get this week. If I had to choose a season to live in permanently, I'd choose Fall. I really like this time of year. If only they wouldn't contaminate it by putting out the Christmas stuff already....


sybil law said...

Ugh - Christmas shit already!
Just remember - which is hard to do in the moment, I know - crying won't kill little man. It hurts you more than him, more than likely! Guilt is something all moms feel - enormously, and most of the time, it's pretty unnecessary!
He's frigging cute, that's for sure!!

Daryl said...

Thanksgiving comes first to quote my blog friend Suldog .. Danny is one adorable boy