Thursday, June 2, 2011

suddenly, I find I have lots of questions...

As time is going by, and I am getting closer and closer to THE day, I am slowly letting myself think about the things that I've been shoving to the back of my mind.

40 weeks is a long time. I knew that, but now I REALLY know that. In the beginning of this pregnancy, I knew better than to let myself think a whole lot about August. It was a long way off, and that would really torment my brain. My mantra through out all of this time has been "one day at a time". I needed it to be that way. I kind of still do, however, I also now feel where we are at the stage where the things have to start coming together into some sort of plan of action. Things need to get done. Mustang Boy is growing and moving and kicking, and some of my fears of bad things happening are diminished.
We are currently surrounded by boxes of baby furniture that needs assembly. A crib, a changing table. We are in the process of re arranging our bedroom so that we can put said furniture where we want it.
Other than house stuff, my mind has started to wonder about labor, and contractions and stuff. Will I be one of those panic ridden women who goes to the hospital three times with "just" Braxton-Hicks contractions? How will I know the difference between those and the real thing? Will my water break first? and if it does, I hope I am outside, or in the shower or something.
And, at the risk of grossing you all out, don't even get me started on the whole mucus plug thing...
These are the things starting to creep into my brain. I think I liked the avoidance method better :)


Bubblewench said...

Avoidance is always better.. I'm sure you'll be fine. :)

sybil law said...

I was the same as you, and in fact, was in labor for hours before I finally thought, "Hey -am I in labor?" Everyone I worked with was like, "GO TO THE DOCTOR!", and so I did, and they hooked me up to a machine, and sure enough - I was in labor. It really didn't hurt - it was kind of uncomfortable, so I had no idea. And then I THOUGHT my water broke when I got home, but maybe THAT was the nasty mucus plug?! I don't know, but 12 hours after I wondered if I was in labor, I had a baby.
Right now, just get things like diapers and wipes, when you see them on sale. Those are the main things you'll need - everything else is extra.

Mimi said...

If it helps, I never saw my mucus plug with the oldest, but definitely with the youngest. My water broke with him too, but not with my oldest.

You'll be fine!

Daryl said...

Sometimes you just need to shut off the education and go with the - I hesitate to say - flow ..