Monday, September 27, 2010

the cake game

So, what's going on in your world?

Nothing too earth shattering in mine...
The kid turned 16 and despite having a head full of cotton, I survived it. Some of the kids nearly didn't, though. They were playing a raucous game of Hide and Seek, and MG's boyfriend, who isn't known for his gracefulness, had one of those moments where he tripped. It was like he hung in the air for three seconds, then THUD. Sprawled on the ground. This kid is over 6 feet tall, and SOLID. China felt that earthquake. He's fine. But it looked nasty. Now, a week later, he says he still has a bruise on his leg from it. Our backyard is perfect for Hide and Seek, though, since it's a little over an acre, and has tons of trees. Fun was had by all.
One tradition we have for her birthday is that MM and I endeavor to make her the ugliest cake we can. Yes. We do that. We are terrible people. She loves it. It started out unintentionally, one year MM made a cake with frosting that consisted of crisco (the "fluffy" white kind, and Strawberry Quik.
NO I am not kidding. I had no part of that cake, except to stick a piece of peanutbutter toffee candy in the top. I mean, really, how could I have made it worse? I think he tried to write on top of it "Hippie Bird Day to Ewe". God that was a bad cake.
So the next year, it was my turn. I made a decent cake, and then tried to make black icing. Black food coloring really only turns things dark grey. And it made the icing runny as hell. I was running out of time, so I frosted that poor cake with dark grey icing, then put Happy Birthday on it like it was a hangman game, and had some of the letters filled in with candy. Stick figure hanging and everything.
Sadly, the cake was still a little too warm when I frosted it, and so the letters slid around and the hangman slid around, and it looked like a Picasso during his dark grey period.
Oh how we laughed at that.
This year, it was a team effort.
We bought one of those awful "Fun-Fetti" things, with the bright sugar things in the batter. With the matching frosting. I made the cake, and frosted it. It was a round layer, and of course, it was lopsided. MM decorated the top with MORE sugar sprinkles, and black icing from a can. It said "Hippo Birfday". Cake Wreaks got nothing on the two of us.
Before you take our parent cards, realize this
She LOVES the ugly cakes. She really does.
And we got her an ice cream cake for the actual party. The ugly cake is for family. And we ate that thing. My teeth STILL hurt from the sugar that cake held.
Now, though? I have a little less then a year to come up with a plan for next years ugly cake.
I'm thinking Cerebus.
Or maybe Cylcops.
or not...


sybil law said...

I TOTALLY know the black icing hell!!
So funny. You should post pictures of those cakes!

Daryl said...

We make cakes for each other's birthday .. our cakes are always lopsided because the oven isnt level .. anyway I LOVE your tradition . have you used any of the trick candles that dont go out when blown on? Always good for a laugh.