Saturday, July 24, 2010

and so we start another


Yes. You read that right. We've started another tank. We didn't buy another tank, we just converted the 29 gallon FW tank into a 29 gallon Salt Water tank.
Because we could. Because some of the salt water fish are different, and beautiful, and odd. And the corals, and the anenomes, and the live rock. Its completely different then having a fresh water tank. Boy, is it different.
So far, we have some live rock, including one affectionately known as 'Larry'. We have some shrimp, one is a 'cleaner' shrimp, that will actually clean the fish (when we get them), the other is a peppermint shrimp, who is nocturnal, and hides very well. We also got some corals, and these worms, called "feather dusters" that send their feather duster looking feelers out into the water for food.
The most active inhabitants, believe it or not, are the snails, Pancho and Rudy. They are "Mexican Turbo snails". I've never seen a snail move so fast in my life. These two snails, in two days, (actually, nights, they are nocturnal as well) have done laps around the tank, sucking up every bit of algae that once existed. They climb walls, rocks, anything. And they move fast. Every time I look up, they are in another spot of the tank. During the day, they siesta, but at night? Party in the tank...
Now, we have to figure out which fish....


Daryl said...

I wanna see pix ... I love watching fish et al in tanks .. more interesting than some of the stuff on TV

Unknown said...

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