Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This meme will make no sense. Do not expect it to. It has no rhyme or reason. There is no serious theme or deep thought required. Just answer with the first thought that pops into your brain and go with it. After all, that's how I made up the questions. Stop rolling your eyes.

When was the last time you……

rolled your eyes More than likely at work, the last time I was charge nurse, over the stupidity of one particular nurse I work with...

Tied your shoe Most of my shoes are slip ons, but I tied the shoe of a kid the other day, does that count?

reorganized your bedroom That is an ongoing, ever present work in progress...

Took a walk in the park um, probably last fall at Empire Mines...

Chewed gum yesterday

drew a stick person I draw them all the time, they are the only thing I can draw successfully....

activated something hell if I know, I can't even pretend to remember

Took a photograph yesterday

Drank a milkshake last week, made with ice cream with girl scout cookies in it (I had a craving, what can I say?)

ate orange jello When I was very, very sick, about a month ago, I ate some jell-o. I don't remember if it was orange, or not. I was just praying to hold it down.

google mapped an address Thats what I have MM for =)

sang your favorite song I don't sing. And the world is a better place because I don't.

made a peace globe. (Please show us!) Um, working on it... I have a great idea for one, I really do!

Threw a baseball I am hopeless at those things (sports). I've thrown a softball, a tennis ball, but I don't think I have ever thrown a real baseball...

Fumbled with a button I am skilled with the buttons. I have mad skilz with buttoning and unbuttoning of things.

answered the doorbell we don't have a doorbell, our guests are forced to knock!

Spilled your drink this probably happens daily

administered CPR I am a working ICU nurse. You do the math. I have to work tonight and don't want to jinx myself.

looked in the mirror half hour ago?

testified in court never. And I don't think I care to.

Made a sarcastic remark hello, you've met me, right? (Um, ok, probably not. Suffice it to say, probably 10 seconds ago, at the very least)

Offered someone advice I shy away from this, unless asked. Its been a few days

Watched a sunrise or sunset Working nights, I see the sun rise at least 3 times a week...

Were jealous ooh. Tough one. I am not a jealous person by nature. Its been awhile.

Smiled when you didn’t feel like smiling Sadly, I can admit I do this frequently at work.

Loved when you didn't feel like loving Not possible for me. I always love my love..

Ironed an article of clothing I loathe ironing, and avoid it at all costs. I'd rather go wrinkled.

noticed you didn't give a damn my give a damn got busted a long, long time ago

had a mammogram I believe this is the first year I am eligible for one of these joyful rights of passage. I just turned 40. (No family history...)

Read your horoscope I'd rather read a fortune cookie

moped a few days ago when I had to go to work

Held someone’s hand yesterday =)

Crossed a bridge Crossed, or burnt?

threw away a candy wrapper yesterday

Sat on a bench yesterday...

turned a page today

tripped over your own 2 feet daily

Sat on a beach TOO LONG!

dialed the wrong number What's dialing?

Ignored a phone call yesterday....

Kissed a bride at least 10 years, or maybe even more

tweeted Twitter kind of annoyed me, so I deleted my account a few years ago

Rode a roller coaster I don't like rolly coasters...

you were really you I am always really me. I don't understand people who hide themselves...

Cried yourself to sleep don't remember... this doesn't occur often...

Were speechless when I was asleep!

rode a bus huh.... I honestly cannot remember

went to a funeral its been a few years, thank God.

were right the better question is when was I wrong? :)

smoked never

were left left where?

googled daily....

bent over backwards, or forwards?

sent a text message um, yesterday?

Lit a candle last week-ish

Lost your temper Ah, I plead the fifth

fell off a horse I have only done this once. I was about 16, I think

changed the oil in your car I have people who do this for me!

Added a new FACEBOOK friend yesterday morning...

went bowling Wii bowling? Not that long ago. "Real" bowling? its been a long, LONG time

Laughed uncontrollably its been a few days

Felt guilty about 3 days ago

Looked up a word in the dictionary about a month ago. but I cannot remember which word, for the life of me

returned from the point of no return am I there yet?

couldn't remember your name I've not ever had this problem

surrendered to temptation 10 seconds ago, because now I am eating peanut butter and jelly

felt genuinely happy right now, with my pb and j

saw a famous person in real life? We saw Ty Pennington in NYC, in Central Park, about 3 years ago. Walking. Right after his DUI. True story..

kissed in a car yesterday...

Sent a greeting card mother's day

used your passport TOO LONG!

yelled at your television only during football season

confided a secret um... I can't tell that!

changed your blog template about 3 months ago, I think

danced like no one was watching uh, who was watching?

wrote in cursive daily

took a driving test 20 some odd years...

Backed up your computer files frequently and automatically

When was the last time you said this was the last time? if I said that it would be a lie, wouldn't it?


Finding Pam said...

What great answers! I enjoyed them all.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Super answers. We all think someone might be watching when we dance when no one is watching.