Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday brain. again.

And a short return to what we can possibly refer to as "normalcy", maybe?

Most of the festivites are over, and I am grateful for that. They were fun, This Christmas was actually one of the more laid back ones I can remember in a long while. No one's sink backed up, no one was fighting with anyone, and we got home before midnight. We had the fun of attempting a large family picture, (which I have not seen the results of yet), and the kids alternated between that high decibal present frenzy, to the high decibal too tired to function frenzy. This year, we had a 10 year old, 6 year old, 4 year old, 2 year old and a 7 month old. They were doing laps....
As far as New Years, well. I never have been a big NYE party girl. Not even as a kid. For me, it is kind of anti-climactic. If we stayed home, had a nice dinner and played Scrabble until we either fell asleep or it was midnight, I'd be fine. The last few years we've gone to Mr. and Mrs. Kilts house, I imagine that is a possibility again this year, nothing's really been decided, as of yet.
So, today is Monday. We have some fun for later this afternoon, MM's brother and his family are dropping in for a visit, from sunny Arid zone ah! (Hi MM's sister, when are YOU coming for a visit?) and it will be nice to see them. MM has gone back to work, and getting out of bed was tough. I got up with him, because, hey. Apparently, I STILL can't sleep in. (I did yesterday, it was heaven...)
Happy Monday, all


sybil law said...

Weird how Mondays still suck even if I'm not working. But yes - I slept in!
Not big on NYE, either. It's amateur night.

Daryl said...

I wanted to sleep in but Ms Rose has become demanding now that she is a only child... if we get her another sibling I hope its someone who will put her back in her place as a sweet quiet little cat

And I really am the New Year's Grinch ... I want nothing but to be in my own apartment with a nice bottle of Champagne and my man ...