Thursday, August 6, 2009

Look! A Thursday Post!

We all know that I love football, right?

For the past two years I have blogged about how excited I am at the first HINT that football season is, actually, going to start.
I still love football.
I was raised on it. I've been watching, since I was in utero.
But this year, I am disappointed in the NFL, mightily.
Michael Vick should never be allowed back on the field. Yet the commissioner wants to rehabilitate his sorry ass. I hope none of the teams pick him up.
And today? There is this garbage with a rookie who hasn't played ONE GAME who wants the 49 ers to pony up MORE MONEY for him based on some dumb assed idea he has that involves negotiating off of a MOCK DRAFT that NEVER REALLY HAPPENED.
He is willing to sit out the whole season, to wait to enter the draft again.
I hope he does, and that no team will touch his sorry ass next year. Serious dumb-assery.
I hope he learns how to say "do you want fries with that?"
the writer of the article I read referred to him as "intellectually bankrupt".
Thats my new, favorite phrase.
So, roll on, football season.
Sadly, you are tarnished for me by the ass-hattedness of your current players.


MM said...

An "Unproven" Rookie asking for $25m just because he thinks that he deserves more because he's better than the guy the Raiders picked up is just a sign that they don't teach these dickweeds anything in college. He's going to be one of those ass hats who want a whirlwind pay day, but won't be able to produce when he gets to the big time. Doom on him.

sybil law said...

That just falls into my "I hate people" category, football or not. :)

DaddyKaos said...

You must be talking about that Texas Tech prick, Mikey Crabuphisass. For some reason kids that go to schools in Texas (they should be allowed to seceed) seem to think they are special, much like the pricks from Oklahoma and Nebraska.

Daryl said...

Vick does not deserve to ever play football professionally again .. never ever