Friday, December 21, 2007

for your Friday Consideration

*following post based on Christian learning and philosophy. Hey. Its Christmas. Give me a break. Plus, frankly, the concept of this post intrigued me.* Besides. It's the friday before the big day and most of you won't read this, anyhow.

Picture this.

Your a virgin.

And you have to give birth.

Iknow, Iknow.

But really.

Thousands of millions of people celebrate Christmas. Some call it something different, some celebrate it, and enjoy it, without the religious belief behind it. But it's still Christmas. Christ's Mas.

We wouldn't have it without the help of one, particular woman, now would we?

The Virgin Mary.

She is associated with many things. She is revered by many, and she is controversial. She was a very early 'single mother', because she was not yet married to Joseph when she conceived Jesus. Imagine the stigma back in those days!

She appears in many things. Pieces of toast, potato chips, grilled cheese sandwiches. People have visions of her, where she gives messages to the world. Most recently, she has been heard in Medjugorje,Yugoslavia, where she delivered 10 secrets, of the apocalyptic nature. She also said that after Yugoslavia, she was done appearing. This was a very hot topic of conversation when I was married to the Catholic ex. His Mom was almost a nun, and had a particular fervor for Mary.

Mary had to have been a very strong woman. She was a virgin, she had to give birth that way (ouch!) She also had that 'birthing experience' in a manger, a cold manger, full of itchy hay.THEN she had to see a parade of strangers, all come to see her brand new, wet behind the ears child. Um, HELLO? She just gave birth! No epidural's, people! No nurse, nothing! Except a husband who, technically, was not the father of the child! She raised her son, knowing his life was destined to be a very rocky road, AND, she witnessed his crusifixtion. What a painful thing to have to witness! And she survived it. So I submit Mary as my woman of the week. Without her, there would be no Christmas. (Unless the Virgin Ruth, or Deborah, or Rachel or another woman of Nazarith was chosen. But it might not have been the same. . . )


Bubblewench said...

totally very cool.

Bubblewench said...

ps. can't see 2nd pic.

mielikki said...

I can see both pictures here.Anyone else not seeing the grilled cheese Mary?

sybil law said...

I saw it.
Good post. My ex boyfriends parents were total atheists and they celebrated Winter Solstice.
Which is creepy as shit.
I'll stick with the Jesus stuff, thanks!
Merry Christmas!
Bob rocks!
Like you.

Jamie said...

I've marveled at the strength of her before. And of Joseph. When you stop and think about society back then I'm amazed at how well Mary dealt with everything.

holly said...

"anyone else not seeing the grilled cheese Mary?" ? ! how many times do i get asked *that*. i'm frankly a bit tired of it.

sorry. shouldn'a gone there.

yes. lovely post. mary rocks.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Cool post.
I also think that the giving birth, without the, erm, fun of conception, was a bit unfair, but then the whole being the mother of God was probably a bit unfair at times too.
So I agree, Mary rocks.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Oh, and I can see the grilled cheese Mary.

Bubblewench said...

Today I can see it! I can SEE IT! IT'S A MIRACLE!!

My Own Woman said...

Good post!

mielikki said...

yes,BW. Seeing the Grilled Cheese Mary is your Christmas Miracle. . .sigh.

Jo- I would imagine that Mary had a very difficult an unfair life. But she perservered, and I like to think she is enjoying great reward, now.

Holly- yeah, If I had a dime for everytime I was asked that question myself. . .

Jamie- she was amazing, and Joseph also dealt with a lot, I am sure

Syb-you rock too, I know that Bob loves his home. I think he's been communicating his happiness to my Bob. . .