Thursday, November 1, 2007

tricks and treats

Yesterday, I took a trip to the Grocery Store. Most of you realize how much I loooooove to do that, right?
It wasn't so bad, the old people to me ratio wasn't too high, and I found what I wanted fairly quickly. Of course, it being Halloween, there was actually quite a store full of people after candy. Dumb bunnies. Don't they know that the only crap left in the store on the day of Halloween will more than likely get their house egged? I mean, really.
So I jump into a line with the stuff I had, and though my cart wasn't in the walkway, and there was plenty of room behind me, some lady decided she had to park her cart right next to mine, on my left hand side. She was literally standing right at my elbow. INSIDE MY PERSONAL SPACE SPACE.
Now, I let people in my personal space. But those are MY people I let in. Not some random shopper at the store. Uncomfortable, I move a litte, ensuring that I ram her cart a few times. (Love taps, really). She doesn't take the freakin' hint. Then, the lady ahead of us moves forward. I sigh with relief. I'll be darned if the space sucking old lady doesn't just move right forward, right along side of me! Now I am starting to wonder. Does she want me to just let her go ahead of me? Is that part of her tactics? Getting into people's space to annoy them so they just let her go ahead? I cast my eye over her cart. She's got about as much as I do, not one or two things, but less than a cart full. And it's the principal. So, I stand my ground, grit my teeth, and remain spacially challenged. But then it was my turn to go, and I did, and I swear I heard her gnashing her teeth as I sailed in, and greeted the cashier. Ha, take that you space invading wrinkly old bag!
Then leaving the parking lot, I was serenaded by the high school band, who were having an impromptu concert near the grocery store. The kids were all in costume, the most noticeable one being a french horn player dressed as a box of raisins. I wondered how that kid sat down anywhere yesterday.
There was a little girl playing the flute, and my mind, it slipped back to highschool, when we used to do what they were doing. And all the sudden, I was a teenager again, even if just for a spare moment. Then I got into my car, and drove away. But I was smiling. And it was Halloween.


CamiKaos said...

I have taken to telling people they are in my personal space.

They don't like it, and I kind of like that they are taken aback by my objection to them touching me.

Mimi said...

That's so cool about the band, I can see you in my head playing the flute!

I have space issues, I can totally relate.

Many years ago, I only worked three days a week - originally I envisioned getting all my errands done on those days off, but I learned that all the little old people grocery shop on weekday mornings, and it actually is more efficent for me to do it on the weekend even with the crowds. Crowds of non-slow people.

sybil law said...

If my searing dirty looks don't get some old bat to back off, then my loud voice of, "EXCUSE YOU!", generally does the trick.
It irks me so much to even read about someone taking personal space.
One reason I hate old people is because they think just because they are old they should get to do what they want.
(Oh and I hate all people - not just the old. I am an equal opportunity hater.)
I had some snippets of Halloween memories, too. Feels good. :)

Bubblewench said...

"Oh and I hate all people - not just the old. I am an equal opportunity hater"

I'm with Syb. Crusty old beotches. Me & Syb, not the lady in the store..... or all of us?

mielikki said...

LOL probably all of us, but especially that space sucking succubus in the grocery store. . .