Saturday, July 21, 2007

Old Movies

I love sitting and watching old movies.
Sometimes, they make me laugh in their antiquity. This mornings selection? Little Women. I loved this book when I was a kid. The first movie adaptation was done in 1949. The second, done in 1994.
Meg was played, originally by Janet Leigh. Its funny to see her in this role. She really isn't how I ever pictured Meg, but I frequently have that problem with movies. She was much better in 'Psycho'. In the later version, Meg was played by a (still) little known actress named Trini Alvarado. Yes, Meg went hispanic. But she was pretty.
The casting of Jo always cracks me up. June Allysone is playing her in the adaptation of old. She was 31 at the time she played the role. I do believe Jo was 19 at the most. And, I can't look at June without thinking about the commercials she made regarding adult incontinance. Just. Eww. Winona Rider was the 'new' Jo. Not much better, in my opinion. Plus, she got a much older professor Bhaer. June Allysone's love interest was much better looking.
Amy is next. She is played by Elizabeth Taylor in the old movie. Elizabeth just doesn't look right with the blonde ringlets. I have to give the better portrayal of Amy to Kirsten Dunst. Plus, Laurie in the second movie was played by Christian Bale. Just. Yum.
I don't know who the actress is that is playing Beth in the original movie. She's cute, and, kind of a better actress than the others. Claire Danes played Beth in the later movie. She was too old for the role, and didn't look 'sickly' enough for my taste.
Anyhow. Now that I've gone through all the sisters. And you probably didn't care. This old movie. Its cute. Victorian sensibilities and all. When Aunt March catches Meg hugging John Brooke? (gasp). Good thing she wasn't in my kitchen last night while I was giving Newman his package of leftovers. (Ahem. yes, dinner was nice. Nuff said.).
I do love the old movies. But this one? Eh. But its good entertainment to pass the morning. But I much prefer the book. They left so much out of the movie. (they always do. . .)
Happy Saturday to all!


Bubblewench said...

What kind of package did Newman give YOU!??

I love the old movie better. I always love the old movie better.

Mimi said...

I love all versions, mostly because I love the book.

And, now, I always think of Friends.

mielikki said...

No, BW, I gave him a package, of LEFTOVERS. Hee hee. Some men do have their heart connected to their stomach. . .