Thursday, July 19, 2007

BANG! and, er, food. I think.


This, is what I woke up to. at 0740, this morning.
This, is what I have been listening to, since 0740, this morning. Apparently, they are doing some maintenance work on the front of my building. Getting it ready to be painted. at 0740. This morning. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

Can you say, headache, of all headache's?
I understand the need to 'beat the heat'. To paint while the sun is shining. I will be glad that my apartment building will (hopefully) look nice and pretty when its done. Because I understand that, I will let them live.
However. I am a night shift person. A day sleeper.
By the Grace of God, I am off for 5, glorious days right now. I can function somewhat normally. (define normal.). Yet another reason why I will let them live. But it better be done. Because if I am trying to sleep for a night shift, with all this banging. They may not survive it.

Ok, on to my regularly scheduled post. The one I've been working on. Only to be rudely interrputed by BANG!

Food. Its very important. I am, kind of a foodie. I like good food. If you are listening to my Mother, known in the blogsphere forever more as Aunt Tuna (who rocks cars in the daylight hours! Tee hee, Thanks, Uncle Kaos!), she will tell you I am a 'picky eater'.
But that's not entirely true. I just don't like everything made with, or covered in, dried Onion soup mix. And she does. Yech. Or, 'taco casserole' out of a box. Seriously. Every stinking weekend when I was a kid, for at least 10 years. My dad still calls it Tacky-Shit. Anyhoo. I am going to tell you about 5 places in my lovely wee town that I like to eat. And if you come here, I will take you to at least 3 of them.

1.Villa Venezia. This restaurant is actually in one of the old, victorian houses near the down-town area. It also has a beautiful, outside patio, that is usually free of bugs, flying or otherwise. They make Italian food the way it should be made. Their 'tagliata' makes me faint with happiness when I eat it. Basalmic marinaded beef goodness. And their chicken? Whether you get the half chicken, roasted with garlic (lots of garlic), or the chicken in marsala sauce, you are a lucky, happy person. And they have a good wine selection, as well. And, they make Bellini's. Yum.

2. The Rail Road Cafe. When you are in the mood to sit, and watch model trains go by, and eat a good burger, or a good sandwich, the Rail Road is where you want to be. They also make home made potato chips that accompany every meal, if you ask for them. Skip the fries! The potato chips are awesome.

3. Humpty Dumpty's. This one is for breakfast. Good, quick, filling breakfasts. Most of the town eat here on a frequent basis. Yet, there is never a wait for a table. Even on Sunday mornings. Its magic, its breakfast. And, they have those placemats that have all the useless information tid-bits. So you have something to read while your waiting. I have never gotten through reading one placemat, though. They are that fast. And, yes, the food comes out fresh, and steamy good!

4.Tuscany Gardens. This place is tucked away. Over there. Yes, there. They make this 'thing'. We will call it a BLT for lack of a better word. But its heaven. They use a round, flat bread, crisped. They use more than one kind of bacon. (Regular, high quality bacon, and the best Canadian Bacon I've ever had.) Crisp lettuce. Juicy goodness. And its huge. CR and I talk about these incessantly. When we can't stand it anymore, we go get a BLT fix. We can only eat half, and the other half? A perfect breakfast the next morning. Or, in my case. Midnight snack. The best thing, ever.

5. I could say my house. Everyone else has. And I can cook. But, I will pass. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come eat here, and decide for themselves if I can cook. Newman is coming for dinner tomorrow. Fresh pesto, fettucini, grilled chicken. But I digress. Lets see, who to pick? Oh, I know. Diego's. This little place, down the way. They serve Chilean food. And its quite good. I don't eat there very often. I should eat there more often. Why haven't we eaten there, recently, CR? Too many BLT's at Tuscany? Probably. But Diego's. They have great food, and they serve it on really different, eclectic table ware. Nothing matches. And I love that.

So, there is my food meme. Following CK's example, I am not going to tag anyone. Do it, if you like. Better, come visit me, so I can take you to eat at my favorite places. And maybe, I'll make you some fresh Pesto, as well!


CamiKaos said...

damn I want an omlette now!

DaddyKaos said...

That's early morning rocking not daylight.

Celtic Rose said...

Mmmmmm, they all sound good! You know I will be thinking of going out for a wee nibble maybe this next week? Care to join me?

Bubblewench said...

I'm thinking about coming to visit to just eat..

Every time you say Newman, I only think of Seinfeld.... drives me bonkers cause I can't stand Seinfeld.