Friday, July 13, 2007

I'm a little sad

Something occurred to me, this evening. Something, in a way I had hoped to (somehow) avoid. Someone, I decided, wasn't for me. Not more than a friend.
I think I've been wrestling with this for the last week. In denial, maybe. How many nice guys do I meet, after all?
But, after deep thought, and even deeper conversation with Celtic Rose, I finally decided to step up, and do the right thing. The right thing for 2 people.
No matter how nice someone is, if I am not comfortable with them, if I can't relax around them (even during a phone conversation) even if I can't seem to open up to them, then I don't BELONG with them. No matter how much, or how little I have in common with them. He deserves someone who can do all of that with him. And it isn't me. Whoever it is is actually a really lucky girl. I bet he would be one of the sweetest, most devoted boyfriends ever. Even husband material. And yes, I am a little bit sad that it wasn't me. But secretly? I am also a little bit relieved. I hope he is, too. And I wish him nothing but the best.
Yes, I sent away the shy boy. Let all the boo's and hisses commence. But it was the RIGHT thing to do. It really was.


CamiKaos said...

after the im chat we had I am thinking you really did the right thing.

Mimi said...

'twas indeed.

sybil law said...

there will be no booing and hissing from me! i mean - do what you gotta do - only you know when something isn't right!
hopefully you'll find someone better next time around. until then, you can eat ice cream sandwiches and play with kitties. and blog! to us. :)

Bubblewench said...

i totally understand and am glad you made the decision before either of you got too attached. good luck.

David in DC said...

Stringing him along, hoping you'd grow comfortable would be the wrong thing. Bad for you and very unkind to him. Because it's nearly certain never to happen. It's either there or it isn't.

No boo-hoo's or hiss, just: Good on ya, mate.