Saturday, July 14, 2007

Girl Day

Today was girl day. It involved a movie (Harry Potter) and lunch, with Celtic Roses' Mum, then, after we dropped Mum off back at home some shopping, and a good deed done by CR.
I had a good lunch, bought some awesome jewelry, and tried not to fret to much about what I had to fret about. Also, started Christmas shopping today. I found something for my oldest sister that is remarkably like something she bought me. They say that people buy things for others that usually appeal to them. Well, lets hope so! Or she will give what I bought away as a 'white elephant' gift soon after Christmas. She should like it, though. And no, I probably shouldn't say what it is just in case she somehow accidentally finds her way here. But if she does, she'd probably hate me anyhow and I'd keep her Christmas present. Hmmmmm. KIDDING!

Another girl thing. My neice, princess? Having a girl baby. I think I said that. The good news? She has left the drunken ass that is the father of said girl baby. Supposedly for good. (Just got off the phone with the previously mentioned older sister.) Lets hope it sticks this time!
Well, boringly enough, that sums up my day. On Friday, I am having "newman" (get it, new, man?)over for dinner. He is technically not new. He is the one I went and saw spiderman with. Don't really want to blog details, (yet?, no never. Have to protect the innocent, unless they agree to be blog fodder. Plus, I don't want to curse it.) but we had a good time at the Farmer's market Thursday night, and he actually had some good reasoning for why he hasn't been around, lately. I feel relaxed and comfortable with him, which is, ironically, how I realized that perhaps, geek boy needed to be set free to find his geek girl. (I sincerely hope he does.)
And lastly, over at the medical blog, MonkeyGirl has gifted me with a 'schmooze' award. So, now I have to pick others to gift with that reward, as well. Oh, well, I gifted her with a 'thinking blogger', so why not? Head on over eventually and find out who I tagged. (It could be you. . .)


CamiKaos said...

when do we find out what you thought of the movie?

sybil law said...

I don't like how you leave me in suspense for details on the newman!
But sounds like you had a lovely day- and yes, post an opinion of the movie, soon!

Mimi said...

The neice that was born when we were in high school is pregnant? That totally can NOT be true! Yikes!

mielikki said...

yes, Mimi, that neice. She is 19 now.

David in DC said...

Get newman's permission to blog.

Old married farts need something to read for vicarious thrills.