Friday, September 21, 2007

Unexpected gift

I was all set to go to work last night. Still feeling lazy, but knowing, just knowing, that I'd have to finally slough off that feeling for good when I got there. I was running a tad behind (because I'd been lazy most of the day) and was just about to walk out my door when my phone rang.
I have caller ID. When the phone rings, I look at it, and decide if I want to to talk to that person. Yes, I screen. So sue me. Most of the time I answer. The number for this particular ring was a cell phone number.
Hmm. Who is that? I wondered. It was a local cell number, which threw me. MM was out of town, with his daughter for her birthday. Thinking it could possibly be my friend "Shrek" I answered. (Yes he calls me Fiona).
It was G, from work.
Hey, do you want to stay home, and be on call? he asks me. (Stupid question, I know).
Of course I do is my immediate response.
Seems there was a scheduling snafu. Too many nurses, not enough patients. And voila. I got to continue my lazy day. I was given a reprieve, in the last, very last second. I was literally, going to be walking out the door.
So, I climbed back into my sweats, and back onto the couch, and didn't move from there until I climbed into bed.
And I got the gift of staying home, all night long, without interruption.
It would have been perfect
If I hadn't dreamt about


CamiKaos said...

aside from the work dreams that is awesome.

Mimi said...


Celtic Rose said...

Was it at least a good dream??

sybil law said...

I had the dreams last night of a mentally disturbed person - for REAL. It was terrible.
How awesome that you got to stay home!!!
Sweet dreams - tonight.

mielikki said...

I am at work tonight, NO DREAMS.

Lori said...

I iwsh I'd get calls like that!