Sunday, September 2, 2007


Its Sunday
and I am grumpy.
Last night sucked.
My freak neighbor and her boyfriend are being loud. (Where is my iPod?)
I went to the grocery store and the bagging clerk kept asking me if the things she was putting into a bag were good. (No, I buy crappy food, so I can go home and NOT eat it, asshat.)
I'm tired.
I'm grumpy.
I'm going to bed.
With my iPod and my grumpy self.


Moonbeam said...

I am grumpy because it is too dang hot outside, therefore making it too dang hot insida my house. Also, I am kind down today, guess they go hand in hand.

Today is the annual block party in my neighborhood. I might take part in the annual water balloon fight just to stay cool. Gotta get out of the grumpbutt feeling. What better way than to toss inflated rubber thingies filled with water at your neighbors and their kidlets...hehe.

Hope your day gets better too.

CamiKaos said...

sweet dreams

mielikki said...

well I woke up feeling marginally better. Still grumpy. Wouldn't take much stupidity to piss me off today. If I was in moonbeam's shoes, people would need to be scared. Don't know if I could handle any block parties ect. ect.
My brain feels like it's been run through a cheese grater. (so does my right shoulder.)
at least my neighbor has left for the day.

Celtic Rose said...

Yeah!!! Three cheers, that neighbor needs to move away!!
Far Far Away!

sybil law said...

I think you definitely need a water balloon tossed to the head. You'd get all pissed, chuck one back, and then start having some fun!
Or, maybe just go and relax, quietly.
Either way, happy Labor Day!