Monday, September 17, 2007

my favorite time of year.

Autumn is here.
This week, after work, I've been coming out to find my car windshield frosted over, and it's been lovely!
The mornings are cool, and crisp and wonderful, the leaves are starting to turn glorious color's. The sun goes down sooner, and things just seem to be evolving into the time of year I love best.
I've always been a lover of fall, and all it brings. When school used to start this time of year, fall meant new school clothes (and the never ending battle with my mother over them) new shoes, seeing all my distant friends again.
And rain. I love a good fall rain. The earth smells so good. I actually like the smell of decomposing leaves. Raking up big piles of leaves, and jumping in them. MM shared a sweet memory of his daughter last night, doing just that, with the family dog. (It seems he loves fall, too!).
Fall evolves into harvest moons, and Halloween, crisp apples and fat pumpkins. I can't wait to get my first one, and make pumpkin seeds. I can taste them now. There is this GREAT area by middle sisters house called "apple hill" where many orchards and farms put out their harvests every year. Apples (duh) pumpkins, fresh pressed cider, and home made goodies. The best apple dumplings I've ever had come from over at apple hill.
Autumn now, also brings for me and Celtic Rose the Renaissance Faire, and all it's fun. Another thing I really look forward to every year.
Then, slowly, fall fades into winter. And I usually don't mind that either. But right now, it's all fall for me. Leaves are turning, and things are just so good. . .


Mimi said...

Frost already? We've definitely gotten Fall weather, with that crispness and the smell of burning leaves, but no frost yet.

Enjoy the Ren Faire!

CamiKaos said...

Today was the best fall day. When I picked K and her friend up from school we came home, baked sweeties, played pirates and pulled one of our huge pumpkins from the vine (it was already breaking away)


sybil law said...

Fall is my FAVORITE. No frost here, yet, but close. Just fucking perfect.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Hi Mielikki.
Thanks for the fab postcard.
I blogged it today.
I love Autumn too.
Crunchy leaves and cosy nights in.
And lots of wine...

Bubblewench said...

Fall is the best. Nice post.