Thursday, September 13, 2007


Is there something you wear when you are really just not feeling well, and all you want to do is lay on your couch and be pitiful because you don't feel well?
I have something. And how I have it? I don't even know.

When I moved to Podunk, this grey, softer than soft men's T-shirt showed up in my laundry basket my first load here. Now, both my brothers in law helped me move, so I made the assumption it was one of theirs, and I washed it, and tried to return it. It was too small for local BIL, and, my eldest sister SWEARS it does not belong to her husband, cool BIL.
I did not have a b/f at the time, hadn't in a while. ( I am very picky. But it's worth it.). So, who's is it?
I still do not know the answer to that question. But it's mine now. It is kind of beat up, and nothing I could wear in public, even to run to the grocery store. But when I am home, and I want something soft and comfortable, I put it on, usually with a pair of sweats, and stay in it. I won't go anywhere, just putter around the house. So very comfortable. In my grey shirt. Who loves me.
I really do wonder, though, how I got it. Who is mourning the loss of that softer than soft grey t shirt they used to have. It left them. I think the dryer gremlins that steal socks and mangle bra's (not my bra's, but I've heard tales of people who wash their bra's stupid like) gifted me with this t shirt, in reward for all the ink pens they have thrown into my uniforms and such. The shirt is so damn comfortable, it almost makes up for that. ( They have not pen bombed me in years, thankfully).

Oh, and CK? Your ankle troll? It attacked MM this week, too. He was telling me about it last night. Except he was awake for the mystery attack.

Syb and BW: I have picked the Bengals and the Eagles, respectively. Hmmm. We shall see.

On a fun note, MM took up my "pick sheet" and made his choices this week, too. Sunday ought to be fun! AND, when he came to dinner last night, one of the first things he told me was that the 19th was "Talk Like A Pirate Day". So I told him I'd be blogging like a Pirate. He thinks it's great. I will have to start sharing my blog page with him. . . (he's seen it a few times, actually)

And most importantly, if any of you see my Dad out in the world today? Wish him a Happy Birthday! I gotta go call him, now.

*edit 10 minutes later.
so I call Dad, and he tells me he's been out in his shop, cleaning it out and taking down all the spider webs. I make a lame joke about the poor spiders losing their homes before winter, and his reply?
Well, the Spiders are bored, and they need something to keep them occupied. So I'm helping them, yeah, that's it!
Ahh, ha ha . Love to my Dad, helping the spiders. (In truth though, he's probably also helping them die and go to spider heaven. A place I NEVER want to go.)


CamiKaos said...

spider heaven is like cami hell.

I have one pair of the most amazing yoga pants in the world and the star trek t-shirt Mr. Kaos got me... So comfy. so good... and if it's cold, I steel Mr K's favorite hoodie sweatshirt (even though I have several of me own, his is just his and that makes it better)

sybil law said...

Happy Birthday dad Mielikki!
Good pics. Yeah.
I have too many clothes I like to putter around in. Lately, I've been buying ones I can putter around in AND go out in public in. What a novel idea! Haha
Oh - and Hi, MM!

Bubblewench said...

Happy Birthday Uncle ? Shark? Noodles? White Bread? What would go with Tuna well?

Go Eagles!

mielikki said...

oh well hell you'll have to ask Daddy Kaos to give my Dad an appropriate nickname.
Uncle Smart-arse would be a good one, though.

DaddyKaos said...

OK, I'm working on it though it's not going to be as easy as Aunt Tuna.