Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Never go to bed after just having watched Miami Ink

I eventually made my way inside from my lovely balcony last night (after having finished the 7 deadly Zins) and decided to watch a little television, and read. (I frequently do both at the same time.) The book I am reading at the moment is this twisted novel that is written by Chris Bohjalian. Its about a schizophrenic homeless man who used to be a photographer, and the social worker that helps him. The author has also tossed in bits and pieces of "The Great Gatsby" to make things more interesting. Its called "The Double Bind." One would think that possibly I would get my interesting dreams from this book, but no. . . au contraire as my french friends would say. Instead, I watched Miami Ink, and dreamt about Ami, and Yoji. Yes, stop laughing. Yoji. At one point in the dream, I was so mad at him I told him to "go back to Bridgitte!" Strange. Now, if I was going to choose one of the men on Miami ink to, ahem. Tattoo me, I would choose Chris Garver. I like his tattoo's, and his smile. I wish he would get rid of the beard, though.
I have been thinking more about my book, and actually began the chapter yesterday where my female character gets to see the knights riding out of her cave. She is in pure shock. Here is a question I want to pose to anyone who reads this, and cares to respond. Take your time and think about it.
Which historical person would you most like to see ride out of the cave? Keep in mind, if they have only been dead a short time, they can't stay long.
The follow up question, is who would you like to see not come out of the cave? My friends at work have given me some very interesting answers to this question. . .