Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This one may be too far out for me....

The Woodstock Meme (to see more, clicky)

1. "Hello, my groovy name is __Liberty Blossom (once again, credit goes to the all knowing Facebook)___.

By the looks of those flowers in your hair, you must be__dead___ .
Didn't they tell you? No corpses_____ allowed!

2. Come on, Baby, light my ___Metamucil__ .

When I lay me down to __spin___ I pray the__neighbor___ my __pipe___ to keep.

If I _puke____ before I wake, I pray the __pigs___ my _pork____ to take.
**puff puff**

3. Because the first time ever I saw your _tye dye____ I realized that what the world needs now is ___peace__ sweet ____peace_. Besides, I always feel guilty watching you ___make daisy chains__ when I should be __pushing daisies___.
But I dig it!

4. Have I told you lately that I __smell___ you? Hey! Don't step on that __tab of brown acid___ !!
Dude. That guy is really weird but.....

5. There's a party in my sleeping bag and half a million of my _worst____ friends are coming over tonight and we're gonna _burn____ my baby off my mind. Darn the luck. It's raining __fish___ (s) and ____roosters_ (s)
Luckily, Papa was a rolling _an accordion player____ and I'm on a first name basis with the cops.
**puff puff**

6. I'm really digging your ___wig__ but that _thong____ has got to go. Those flowers in your hair are beginning to smell like ___pantene__.
Have I told you lately that I __smell___ you?
** puff puff**

7. I'm beginning to see __purple diamonds___ in those trees over there. Do you see it?
Out of all the millions of hippies here, you are the most ___stubbly__.

But I dig it, man.

**puff puff**

8. I'd use all my blood, sweat and __patchouli___ just to get next to your ___dealer__.

Love is free but I'd really like to buy that guy's ____beads_.
It says "Make ____wind_ not ___fire__. " Far out!

9. I'm grateful to be __crosseyed___ 'cause there's a bad __swamp___rising in Jefferson's Airplane. But that's okay, 'cause Joe Cocker said I could get by with a little __Jim Beam___ from my friends.

10. Oh, by the way, your __caftan___ is on fire. But I dig it.


Daryl said...

Ummm ... not sure I get it either and I am old enough to have been at Woodstock except I didnt go

Mimi Lenox said...

Very clever, even if you are too young to have been there. The vibe is certainly groovy.

I'd forgotten about daisy chains! Those were the days.

Papa was a rolling accordion player. Ha!

Nicely played.

sybil law said...

# 8 made me LOL!

Finding Pam said...

Your answers were great!
I remember patchouli...funny

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Another groovy post with fab answers.