Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Morning Mush

This last weekend was the last one before school starts, this coming Wednesday! Mustang Girl is gearing up for her sophomore year in high school. MM decided to take Friday off, as we needed to take her to the school to get her locker, and her schedule. We were anticipating the need for parental presence, because, well, we didn't have a lot of faith in MG getting a good elective choice. Boy, were we right about that one.

They tried to stick her in CLAY.
Now. I have nothing against clay as a medium, or sculpting, or anything. But MG is not artistic, in "that" way. Clay, it just isn't a good elective choice for her. As a matter of fact, MM had even called the school, to ask that Clay NOT be on her list. But she got Clay.
Lucky for us, we were able to easily fix it, and she is now enrolled in Web Design. Better, no?
Saturday saw us visiting the local fair, eating hand dipped corn dogs, and then going to see the movie "Hurt Locker". About the bomb squads in Iraq. It was an interesting movie. Probably not for everyone, but I am not sorry we went to see it.
Sunday, we hung out at a nearby-ish lake with friends, and bbq'd and had some relaxing fun.
It was a nice way to un-officially end the summer.
Now, onto the school year! I bet it goes by, fast....


Daryl said...

Clay?! I bet they misunderstood MM and thought he wanted MG .. nah.. just dumb

And since when is CLAY an elective?

Travis Erwin said...

Clay? What the hell kind of class is that. Is play-do a prerequisite?

mielikki said...

Daryl- my thoughts exactly

I so totally agree, I almost went to the store and got her some Play-Doh for the first day of school. Geez.

sybil law said...

I thank Lands' End for their easy, online, back to school shopping ease and delivery.
We had clay for like, a quarter or something in art in school, but that was for the kids who were artistic and taking all the art classes at school. (I didn't like it, actually.) Still - to just randomly put someone in there is stupid!