Monday, August 24, 2009

Meow already!

Black cats have so much attitude!
I have two of them, I should know. Though I contend that I was just fostering Audrey until MM came along. He is her "true" person. She loves him like no other.
Jack, though, totally my cat. He knows I am blogging about him, too, because he just stuck his claws into my thigh and kneaded. Little bastard.
As I get up each morning, I am greeted at my bedroom door by Jack, who starts just meowing at me, incessantly. My cats get fed at night, because there is no chance of the dogs getting their food during that time, so he isn't yowling to be fed. He is yowling, because, apparently, me being away from him during my hours of sleep is much to stressful to his nature. So I sit down on the couch, grab my laptop, usually, to blog, and he parks himself right next to my right arm, on the arm rest. He has to be near me. And every now and then I reach out and scratch him. If I wait too long, I get the claw....
Eventually, he goes on his merry way to annoy the other cats in the household, or to stare down the fish.
I'm so glad I found him and brought him back inside after those four nights he spent out, alone....


Daryl said...

I am so glad you found him and lured him back in ... Gus totally ignores me, he is totally completely Ray's cat ... and Ray's alone .. as soon as I get up in the morning, Gus moves into my still warm spot on the bed from the pillow above Ray's head where he sleeps every nite .. then they cuddle .. its enough to make you hurl ... Rose OTOH loves me, for which I am eternally grateful

sybil law said...

There is the CUTEST stray in our neighborhood who has claimed me as his person. I call him Fatty Arbuckle. I LOVE him! He won't go to anyone else, ever, and they try and try to lure him. As soon as I pull the car on the street, he waits for me by the driveway.
Maybe the best. cat. ever.

Mimi said...

That's so cute, fostering her until MM came along!