Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Queen Meme Tuesday

#6 The Bachelor's Dating Meme

In honor of my 500th "Bachelor of The Day" to post this week on my site called Dating Profile Of The Day we bring you The Dating Meme. For three years I've been rummaging through online dating profiles to find the zaniest and most ridiculous profile headlines out there. They write 'em. I spoof 'em. Do you know that some folks are grammatically insane?? And some are just insane.

Ergo, today's meme was born.

Are you up for the challenge? Take a look at these seven dating profile headlines from real dating sites. Imagine you are trying to find a date and these gems have just landed in your inbox. How would you respond to them? Write a comeback response to each one. Be sarcastic, be funny, be brave! Spelling errors not my own. Names and locations have been changed to protect the terminally single. If you need inspiration, go HERE for hundreds of funny examples.

1. Birdbrain looking for a mate
Good luck to you, I am afraid that feathers make me sneeze. However if you are looking for a comfortable nest I do have a friend named Dove whom I would love to pass your profile on to...

2. Where Are All The Bad Girls?
If you have to ask this question, you're probably not worth my time. Stop hanging around the biker bars, or one of those boys will kick your teeth in for eyeballing their woman...

3. A Good Woman Is Hard To Fine
If you fined the bad ones you'd make more money. Now go away and find your spell check.

4. Does God Know You've Escaped From Heaven?
Does Satan know you're trying to recruit?

5. I Put the Fun in DysFUNctional
And I put the NO in No F*ing way

6. Does this profile make me look fat?
No it makes you look dumb, though, will that do?

7. I'm a no nonsince person with little tolorrance for stupitity
Then you must really be hating yourself about now.

Good luck! And thank you for playing The Queen's Tuesday Meme.


Vanniedosa said...

hahahaha, witty comeback for #7! great job!


Mimi Lenox said...

#5 ha ha hahaha ha!!! Very clever!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

#5 is a sharp one! Thanks for the visit.