Thursday, August 13, 2009

I had this thought

and I've been kind of thinking about it, on and off, for the last few days. It hasn't wanted to leave me alone.

It's really more of a question.
If I could... if it were remotely possible....
would I go back and alter historical events? Prevent them from happening?
and if I did, how would that change what we are, today?

This is probably echoing in my head because in the book(s) I am (re) reading at this time, the main characters are (were) trying to prevent the return of Bonnie Prince Charlie to Scotland. This got me thinking, how would Scotland be different if there was no Culloden Field? It would be like someone preventing the Civil War here in the U.S. (kind of).
MM kind of helped this thought process along by telling me a story about Annie Oakley shooting a cigarette out of the Kaiser of Germany's hand. BEFORE WW I. She was quoted later to say if she knew what all was going to transpire, she might have "missed".
In the end, I don't know that I would actually alter anything though, and thats tough for me to admit. There are lots of things that I wished would not have happened. A lot of waste of human life, dis-regard for future generations. I do have a form of 'regret' for all of that.
But, we have to learn from those things. Without them, where, or what would we be?


Anonymous said...

Oh goodness yes! I would go back and push the founding fathers to ban slavery. "All men are created equal," needed to be applied universally. I would have missed out on Jazz and other great cultural things, but race has so divided our country.

Daryl said...

I am wishing I could alter recent history ... oh sure there are a lot of political things I would change but I am more 'its all about me' right now ..

Anonymous said...

There are actually a ton of books that explore this idea.

They are usually in the sci fi section, but are called "alternate history" I think.

You might find them interesting.

sybil law said...

We're reading the same book! It's the 2nd in a series, right?! Hahaha!