Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kitchen excitement

Most of you know I love to cook.
We have had some good stuff coming out of our kitchen, but, this week, we have some awesome ingredients to work with.
It all started off with our discovery that there was/is an honest to goodness real fish store in my neighborhood. One that even smells like the fresh fish they sell.
We had a good time at the fish store. We got some Salmon, we got some Huuuuge shrimp, we got some Chilean Sea Bass, and some Halibut.
Then, yesterday, hanging around the grocery store, getting some essentials, we discovered that they had some buffalo tri tips.
We've been eating Bison for awhile, now. In its ground form, instead of hamburger. I make some super good stuffed with cheese bison burgers. But I am very excited to grill this tri tip. With a nice rub.
and I made lemon bars last night.
Gonna go have one for breakfast :)


Daryl said...

All that fish sounds sooo good ...