Thursday, August 27, 2009

So what's the protocol??

We have neighbors.

I know, shocking, right?
We do. Some like us, some don't.
One of the doctors that I happen to actually like lives on one side of us.
A cranky man and his equally cranky girlfriend, and his older than old parents live on the other side of us. They are dog haters. Especially our dogs. And our dogs? Have turned into really good girls, so those neighbors can bite me.
Across the street, we have the neighbors I like to call Gladys and Abner.
Now, they are nice enough. Its just that they know everything in the neighborhood. They know everyone. And, if Abner doesn't like you, then, supposedly, no one in the neighborhood will, either. They are THAT neighbor.
They like us.
But we do not go visit with cakes and tea, or anything like that.
Here's my question
Last night, about 11:30, there was an ambulance at their house. Gladys and Abner are elderly. Being a nurse, I know, the countless things that could have gone wrong. A fall. A stroke. Death. Just to name a few. As I mentioned, we are not really "close" neighbors. But I don't want to seem uncaring. I also, don't want to intrude....
Do I walk over there? Or do I leave it alone.....

** Edit**
I walked down there, and they are not home, yet. Meaning it must have been something bad... poor neighbors. MM and I will walk down again, together, when he gets home from work....


sybil law said...

I would walk over, with some kinda something (something nurse - y?!) and your number for them to call AFTER they call 911 or whatever, in case something happens in the future. That way, you're being practical, caring and comforting, without just coming off as nosy. Old people like the practical.

Daryl said...

I'm with Syb, drop by ....

Mimi said...

I've brought a dinner before in similar situations.
My prayers it was something small.

Heather T said...

Now that you've stopped by and no one is home, keep a look out for them the next few hours/days. Think of something nice to bring by during your inquiry. Fresh cut flowers? cookies?