Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday, and the white crap is still falling.

Its Tuesday. Hmmm. Tuesday. And I am sitting here, after a night that was VERY BUSY, looking at EVEN MORE SNOW FALLING in my *&^%$^& yard. Damn it. Thats all I really have to say about that.
I should go dig out the recipe for Potesa and share it with you all, but I am actually pretty tired. Besides. That recipe is so good, I think that if you want it you should come here and get it from me, personally. Bring a snow shovel. Or better yet, a plow. And don't forget something good to drink while you're at it. My supply of home made kahlua will only take us so far.
Have I admitted to you yet that I actually like snow?
Well, sometimes I do.
Just not in this volume.
I wonder if we could just find some way to divert it to Australia.
Or to Bubblewench. She'd like a snow day, she told me.
Right now I gotta go let the poor freezing dogs back in before they turn into pup cycles. Then I must go to bed and sleep.


Daryl said...

Sleep well... maybe magically it will all be gone by the time you wake

sybil law said...

I am all excited because we're supposed to get more snow this weekend! Hoping it's a lot, but I doubt it.
Enjoy it while you can.It's a great excuse to be lazy and quiet, and drink (like you said).

Bubblewench said...

We haven't got crap all year. I want SNOW! Seriously, go do the "Send BWench the snow" dance.

Anonymous said...

I hope it stops snowing soon. I hate being trapped in the house.

NanaKaos said...

Welcome to our world sweet thing. I'm so tired of that white crap that I could just spit, but it would come back in my face as, you guessed it, snow.
We are expecting more of the same tonight and tomorrow morning. Crap! Tell BWench that she can have our share too.
Will we ever see the green of grass again.
Maybe on our trip to the Portland next month we can get away from it for awhile. Yea, right, they got it pretty good this year too.
We are going with a Animal Safari Theme Birthday for MissK this year. Wish you could be there.

Mary said...

It's freezing rain right now and we're supposed to get 4-5 more inches of snow tonight/tomorrow. I am so sick of it. I feel like I live in Siberia.

bernthis said...

Is it amazing with global warming all the extremes. Not that they didn't exist before but I just see that they are a lot worse. It's finally rained here and boy did we need it