Monday, February 23, 2009

Terrible two's

In a few weeks, my blog is going to be two years old.
A toddler.
In those two years, so much has happened. In the beginning, I had just met MM, we had not even had our first date, yet. (It will be 2 years in May for us).
There was no Mieography friday two years ago. I just kind of stumbled into that. Nor was there a short story saturday. Or Thursday 13. (well there probably was, but I wasn't aware of it).
My blog, two years old.
I think this necessitates a contest, of some sort. Don't you?
But you're going to have to work for the prize.
I want a guest poster for my blog-versary. Something fun, a story, a poem, a song. Anything goes. In my comments, or my emails, send me your idea. A panel of somewhat impartial judges (MM and MG probably) will pick the winner, and, that person will get a pair of something that has yet to be determined. Something I will pick suited to the winner of said contest. Interested? Deadline of March 9 so I can let the winner know they need to send me their fully developed idea... The post will appear on March 12th, which is the actual day.....


Anonymous said...

2 years.


That really is quite an accomplishment. I hope the guest poster contest turns out really well.

sybil law said...

I could possibly be interested... oh what the hell - okay!

Daryl said...

I have no idea .. but March 12 is a Thursday so I could so a Thursday in the Hood guest blog ... something that ties in to your hood maybe ...

CDB said...

Congratulations on two years of blogging! Wow, that is a long time.

I would LOVEEEE to guest host. I mean, post. I am like a circus poodle: I can write a poem, write a song, or a short story, all about the terrible two's (which I am approaching with my terrible almost-two yr old.)

bernthis said...

Since it is the number TWO, then how about a story about when you (the guest blogger) is at a fork in the road and there are two paths they could take and which one did they choose and why?

I'd be thrilled to do but if you love the idea and prefer to give it away, you have my blessing oh darling.

Bubblewench said...

I am so not a guest poster. LOL. But 2 years! You reminded me that I passed my 2 year mark a few weeks ago... damn really? That long?

Not a bad thing though.